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Jammin CRT.5 Mini Truggy RTR # 34972 Available Now.
Jammin CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy

CRT.5 RTR Mini TruggyCRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy

Extended Chassis CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy
The CRT.5 Mini Truggy now includes the Extended Chassis allows for standard full size servos to be used in both the steering and throttle. The increased length also improves handling characteristics. Pistol Grip Transmitter, Glow Driver, and Fuel Bottle included. Upgrade Designed graphics body wraps included. Three color schemes to chose from. Red, Blue, or Green.
CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy
Two Piece Tuned Exhaust Pipe and 75cc tank. Pull Start Jammin .12 engine. Big bore oil filled shocks with spring clips for fast and accurate preload adjustments. High Bite tires mounted on dish rims.
CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy
Universal drive shafts made of hardened steel alloy for longer wear. Long travel rear suspension with multiple adjustable camber positions for proper tuning for track conditions. No e-clips. Jammin Products .12 size engine features rear exhaust, pull start, slide carburetor, and oversized cooling head.
CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy CRT.5 Radio Tray CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy
Long front suspension travel with T-bolt kingpin design, multiple camber angels, and adjustable shock positions. No e-clips. Full Size Laydown steering servo with easy access on-off switch. All metal gear drive line. No plastic gears. Three sealed differentials for tuning which equals better handling.
CRT.5 Suspension Arm Mounts CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy CRT.5 RTR Mini Truggy
Front and rear hard anodized aluminum arm holders with cam style adjusters for tuning toe-in, anti squat, and front arm angle. No e-clips. Front and rear disk brakes actuated by centered cam for superior braking. Steel spur gear on sealed oil filled center differential. Hard anodized aluminum chassis CNC machined clearance for low center of gravity.
CRT.5 Motor Mounts CRT.5 Bearings  
Aluminum hard anodized engine mounts with cooling fins. Adjustable to accommodate a variety of engines. Complete set of precision rubber sealed ball bearings for long wear and high efficiency.  

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