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Jammin Products X2 Buggy Kit #34958
Click here for press release and parts list (PDF file)

Jammin Products X2 Buggy CONVERSION Kit #41111
Includes; Chassis, Alum. Drive Shafts, Lightened Center Drive Cups, 44th Spur Gear, 10/45 Ring Pinion Gears (2), Carbon Fiber Shock Towers, Carbon Fiber Radio Tray, Body, Rear CNC Chassis Stiffener, Center Diff Mount, and Carbon Fiber Top Plate.

"Fastest Buggy at the 2008 IFMAR Pre-World Championship Race"
Driven by Taylor James "TQ & Winner "

Jammin X2 Buggy
Jammin X2 Buggy

The new Jammin X2 Buggy upgraded with New Chassis Layout, Lightweight Drive Line Parts, Carbon Fiber Towers, Super Big Bore 16mm Shocks, Spiral Cut Low Friction Ring and Pinion Gears front and rear, Proline REVOLVER Tires, Top Loading Servo Saver, Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles and the Hi-Down Force Wing.

*Engine, servos, and pipe not included. Clear unpainted body included

Jammin X2 Buggy Jammin X2 Buggy Jammin X2 Buggy
Totally new Chassis Layout. Thicker hard anodized aluminum chassis. Engine mounted closer to center and farther forward. First Place and TQ at the 2008 IFMAR Worlds Warm-up Race. Front & rear hard anodized billet aluminum chassis braces.
Jammin X2 Buggy Spiral Cut Low Friction Ring and Pinion Jammin X2 Buggy
Lightened out drives for lower rotating mass. Front, Rear, and Center Diffs. The X2 Buggy kit includes Spiral Cut Low Friction Ring and Pinion Gears front and back. Engineered to perform at the extreme edge, we have lightened and lowered this buggy to the limits. Lower, tighter fitting body reduces drag and allows superior head cooling. Exact fit means no trimming.
Jammin X2 Buggy Jammin X2 Buggy Jammin X2 Buggy
Super Big Bore 16mm Shocks Front and Rear with large diameter coil springs. Threaded, hard anodized shock bodies make adjustments easier. Features 3.5 mm shafts, dust covers & new o-ring seal. Light weight 7075 Aluminum Center Drive shafts. Lower rotating mass and less overall weight. Carbon fiber radio tray. Radio & receiver pack boxes mounted low. Carbon Fiber Front Top Plate and Center Diff Top Plate.
Jammin X2 Buggy X1-CR-Factory Team Edition Jammin X2 Buggy
Light weight Hardened Aluminum upper shock Stand-offs. The "X2 Buggy " is upgraded with captured hinge pins throughout the kit eliminating all the "E" clips. Hardened Steel Alloy Universal Drive Shafts front and rear.
Jammin X2 Buggy Jammin X2 Buggy Jammin X2 Buggy
Carbon Fiber shock towers designed to put up with the punishment of off-road racing yet be light weight. Additional shock mounting holes for more tuning options. Rubber Sealed bearings throughout the drive train increasing durability and efficiency Billet Aluminum Hard Anodized engine mounts.
Jammin X2 Buggy X1-CR-Factory Team Edition Jammin X2 buggy
Front spindles with T-Bolt Kingpin, no thread-locking necessary. Front U-Joints for greater durability and versatility. Servicing is now easier than ever. Fiber front and rear disk brakes increases stopping power and decreases brake fade in those long main events. Proline REVOLVER Tires Included
  Jammin X2 Buggy  
  Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles improves durability and reduces weight.  

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