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Jammin Products X2 Truggy-RTR(Ready To Rip) Kit #34965
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Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR

The new Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR upgraded with New Chassis Layout, New Engine Package, New Body and paint Scheme, Super Big Bore 16mm Shocks, and Top Loading Servo Saver.
Jammin Products Ready to Rip kits include a 2 channel wheel type radio control system,
Force .26 engine with Electric Shaft Starter, Painted and Trimmed body, Tuned Pipe,
Premounted Jammin Tires, Glow Ignitor,& OFNA Rechargeable Receiver Battery Pack.
Just add your fuel, fire it up, and let it rip!!!
Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR
New low profile racing tires and rims. Super tough fuel tank with 150cc capacity. With over 95% newly design hardware, this truggy will set the standards other manufacturers will follow. Big bore Force .28 engine with large cooling head and new composite carburetor for easier tuning. Setup for Shaft Start System. Installed Show-quality polished exhaust pipe, tuned for maximum performance.
Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR
Front Universal Drive Shafts Aluminum radio tray, front top plate and center differential mount. Long travel front suspension with increased up-travel. (Makes the truggy more forgiving and easier to drive)
Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR Jammin X2 RTR Truggy Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR
Jammin unique kingpin design is bullet proof. Prepainted and trimmed body available in Blue or Red scemes. Newly designed X2 Truggy body sits lower on chassis.
Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR
Radio & receiver pack box mounted low for lower CG but still has a large amount of room for electronics. Lay-down steering servo for lower CG. Servo savers also mounted closer together for less bump steer. Chassis - Smooth aluminum bottom, machined on top so engine, fuel tank & differentials can sit lower into chassis. Includes pistol-grip 2-channel radio system, glow igniter and fuel bottle. Starting up has never been easier with the Shaft Start System. Simply insert the tip, apply glow igniter and start up your engine.
X1-CRT-RTR Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR Engine Mount CNC
New anti-fade fiber front & rear disc brakes. Front/rear roll centers engineered for aggressive handling and race track performance .Front Spindles - New t-bolt kingpin design. (no more gluing) Engine Mounts - Hard anodized billet aluminum, easily adjustable with cooling fins.
Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR Super Big Bore 16mm Shocks
Long travel rear suspension with increased up-travel. (Makes the truggy more forgiving and easier to drive)   Front and rear long travel super big bore 16mm shocks. 7075 Billet hard anodized aluminum shock towers .

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