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Jammin Racing News Apr, May, & Jun 2010

6/12 - The Halsey's and the Jammin Pro Buggy WIN !

The Lucas Oil Off-Road Regional Series race at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, Ca. will be an event for the Halsey Family to remember. Jammin Jay went 3 -1 in the Pro Buggy Motos to capture the overall win. Jay's wife, Shelby, then went on to win the "Powder Puff" event in her first event. Her first time ever in the buggy was during the Friday practice session. Within 3 laps of the second practice session, Shelby was clearing the Double Double section of which only 3 of the girls in the race were able to do. With a holeshot under her belt, she promptly spun it out in the muddy turn two allowing five buggies to pass. Keeping cool throughout the twelve minute main event, Shelby picked off the competition one by one and then taking the win by a comfortable margin. By the end of the main event she looked like a seasoned driver pitching the car and sliding it through the turns.

Jammin Jay had a much tougher time of it. A back row start in moto one meant he had to pass his way into third. The moto two start proved much better as he came out of the first turn in second and hounded the leader for the first half of the race as he held off third. Jay put the pass on for first place and pulled away to the checkers after the fifteen minute mark. Jay celebrated with some front straight donuts for his first win.

Jay & Shelby Halsey Win at LORR

Novak Shork Course Race
Novak Short Course Race
Bob Novak and Chad Bradley

5/23 - Bradley, Kinwald, & Smith = 1,2,3 @ The Novak Short Course Race

Team Novak Presents the 1st annual Short Course Race at West Coast Raceway May 22-23 2010. The race was strictly short course trucks and had an amazing 160 entries that comprised of 2wd and 4wd trucks. The 4wd Short Course classes was once again dominated by the Jammin trucks! Qualifying In the Expert 4wd Short Course class Chad Bradley driving the Jammin SCRT-10 set a time 4 seconds faster than ANYONE, Chad's time would hold giving him the overall TQ going into the main events on Sunday. After qualifying the top spot was held by Chad Bradley driving the SCRT-10, and Brian Kinwald driving Jay Halsey's SCRT-10 in 3rd.
Expert 4wd Short Course Triple A-Mains A-1 - Chad Bradley shot out to an early lead, Brian Kinwald also driving a Jammin SCRT-10 closed the gap between himself and Chad by a second, later in the run. Chad takes the win in A-1. Brian Kinwald finished second . Video of Exp. 4wd A-1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnkgKZlmBCo
A-2 - Chad lead the first few laps until getting loose at the end of straight and wrecked going through the whoop section. This allowed Brian Kinwald to take the lead from Bradley. Kinwald put about a full straight-away length over Bradley. Chad was determined to secure the overall win in round 2, however, Brain Kinwald put in solid consistent laps from the point of taking the lead to end of the race. Kinwald took the win, Bradley in second, an. So going into the 3rd and final main Chad Bradley and Brain Kinwald are now tied, whoever finishes higher between the two drivers would take the overall win in the exp. 4wd class. Video of Exp. 4wd A-2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owZM1jnnwWI
A-3 -Bradley and Kinwald both have wins in the first 2 main events, the winner in the 3rd main will take the overall win in the expert 4wd Class. Fortunately for Chad Bradley he said this run was the best his truck has worked all weekend. Chad and Brian were able to get a clean start from the beginning of the race, Chad put in a flawless run in A-3 and Chad and Brain were separated by only 2 seconds for most of the final main. Chad Bradley took the win in A-3 and the overall, Brian Kinwald finished 2nd and Kevin Smith in 3rd making it a Jammin 1-2-3 finish and that was the overall after 3 hard fought main events! Video of Exp. 4wd A-3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48pHfb71E1E Overall Results in the Expert 4wd Short Course Class 1st & TQ Chad Bradley Jammin SCRT-10 2nd Brian Kinwald Jammin SCRT-10 3rd Kevin Smith Jammin SCRT-10 Chad Bradley would like to thank Danny S. for hosting the Team Novak 1st annual Short Course Race at his world class facility. Bob Novak and Charlie at Team Novak for the new Havok Pro SC ESC. and new Ballistic 4.5 motor, Chad said it was so smooth, responsive and fast. Pro-Line for getting him the brand new Suburb SC MC tire that worked amazing all weekend at the race. UpGrade R/C for making my truck look so clean!

http://www.jamminproducts.com/ http://www.westcoastrcraceway.com http://teamnovak.com/products/esc/havoc_pro_sc/index.html http://prolineracing.com/tires/suburbs-sc-2.2/3.0-mc-clay-tires/ http://upgrade-rc.com/

See an image of Chad Bradley's original setup sheet.
Click here



5/17 - SCRT-10 top 3. Chad wins!

Up Grade's Skin It To Win It race was held May 15-17 2010, hosted by Fun Time Hobbies in Hesperia CA. The race had over 150 entries. The 4wd Short Course class was dominated by the Jammin SCRT-10 trucks, the trucks took the top 3 qualifying positions and finished 1-2-3 in the main as well! Chad Bradley driving the SCRT-10 TQed both rounds of qualifying and set the fastest time by a lap and half over second position. The main event Chad pulled to an early lead and lead every lap to the finish. At the end of the main, Chad Bradley took the win, Crash in second, and RJ Dewitt in third all driving the Jammin SCRT-10! Video of the 4wd SC Main http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGzqJ1u9CcQ 4wd Short Course Results 1st & TQ Chad Bradley Jammin SCRT-10 2nd Crash Jammin SCRT-10 3rd RJ Dewitt Jammin SCRT-10

Skin it to win it - Chad Bradley

Matt Gosch and his Jammin X2 Buggy

4/3 - Gosch is thawed out and ready to go

Matt Gosch picks up where he left off last year with his Jammin X2 Buggy. Two weekends ago, Matt took a very convincing TQ and win at the Jeremy Esparza Memorial race. The race was held at the St. Louis Dirtburners facility in Kirkwood, MO and had around 75 racers. Matt TQ’d the buggy class by a lap over the rest of the competition. In the main, Matt began to pull away from the competition and won the 15 minute main by a lap and a half. The following weekend Matt attended the first round of the Missouri State Pro Series in Jefferson City, MO at the Race Barn. With over 130 entries, the race was a success. Matt went on to TQ yet again by being the only person to get into the 17 lap range. On his way to victory in the 30 minute main, he managed to lap the field 3 times. Matt used his new AKA tires to take both wins.

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