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Racing News Nov. 2006

CRT #1

11/12 - Jammin X1-CRT National Champions

Taylor James earns the R/C Pro National #1 Plate in the Pro Truggy Class with 797 total points. Team mates Chad Bradley and Matt Gosch take 2nd and 3rd respectively. All three drivers also took home individual titles in their local divisions. The Jammin X1-CRT owns the West, South, Mid-West, and National Championships.

Brandon Cutchins takes the R/C Pro National #1 Plate in the Intermediate Truggy Class with 790 points. Brandon and his Jammin X1-CRT also won the East Division Championship. Congratulations!

11/12 - Jammin X1-CR-FTE National Champions

Brandon Cutchins wins the R/C Pro National #1 Plate in the Intermediate Buggy Class with 445 points. Brandon and his Jammin X1-CR-FTE also won the East Division Championship. Congratulations - Again!!

CR #1

Brandon and Dad
Brandon and his crew chief, "Dad"

11/11 - Privateer Wins R/C Pro Finals!

Brandon Cutchins, Dad, Mom, and his Jammin Truggy and Buggy traveled from Panama City, Florida to the R/C Pro Finals in Rockford, Illinois to steal the show. At age 13 and just racing for a year, Brandon took TQ in the Intermediate Truggy Class driving his X1-CRT and then goes on to win the "A" main event. If that wasn't enough, he pilots his X1-CR-FTE to the Buggy Class win as well.

11/11 - Jammin Buggies & Truggies Sweep R/C Pro Finals

Not only did the Jammin Buggies and Truggies take every Pro Class TQ & Win, but more importantly, they won the Intermidiate (privateer) classes. Early word is that one kid from Florida swept both classes as well as taking the TQ in the Truggy class. More info on him to come. Congratulations to the other winners as well.

Pro Buggy 1st = Jared Tebo Jammin X1-CR-FTE
Pro Buggy 3rd = Taylor James Jammin X1-CR-FTE
Pro Buggy 4th = Chad Bradley Jammin X1-CR-FTE

Pro Buggy TQ = Jared Tebo Jammin X1-CR-FTE

Pro Truggy 1st = Taylor James Jammin X1-CRT

Pro Truggy TQ = Chad Bradley Jammin X1-CRT

Intermediate Truggy TQ = Brandon Cutchins Jammin X1-CRT

Intermediate Buggy 1st = Brandon Cutchins Jammin X1-CR-FTE

Intermediate Truggy 1st = Brandon Cutchins Jammin X1-CRT

Jared Tebo R/C Pro Finals 1st

Taylor & Gary James

11/11 - Taylor James & X1-CRT Win R/C Pro Finals

Taylor James driving his X1-CRT take the R/C Pro National Title in the Pro Truggy Class. Jammin Truggies and Buggies working on a sweep. Can they do it in the Pro Buggy Class??? Stay Tuned.

11/10 - Jammin X1-CR-FTE Top Qualifier in Pro Buggy

A non-Jammin Team driver TQ's R/C Pro Finals with a Jammin X1-CR-FTE. Not just any driver either. Jared Tebo driving Taylor James' back-up buggy literally threw the car together just prior to qualifying and set the best combined times to take TQ honors. Taylor qualified third, Matt Gosch qualifies fifth, and Chad Bradley also getting in the A final.


Tebo's X1-CR-FTE

Chad Bradley @ R/C Pro Finals

11/9 - Team Jammin at the R/C Pro Finals

Chad Bradley and Taylor James dominate the Pro Truggy class at the R/C Pro Finals driving their Jammin X1-CRT Truggies. Chad and Taylor take all four rounds of qualifing splitting with two rounds each. Chad was awarded the top qualifier honors as his third best time was faster.

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