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Racing News Dec. 2006

12/27 - New Jammin Engines

Jammin Products is proud to introduce two new engines. A .21 and a .28 size engine. Jammin Jay himself did the R&D on these engines and paid special attention to the details that are so important for off-road R/C racing. Such as durability, ease of tuning, and driveabilty. Tweaks to the materials, crank timing, and tolerances all played a part in getting the engine to the high performance edge that Jammin Jay requires. Both engines deliver excellent bottom end power with great top end run out. Both include Turbo Plug type heads. While the .21 is tuned for the buggies, testing proved it to be more than capable in the truggy class. The .28 is all out big block performance but still very easy to drive and gets surprisingly good fuel mileage. Turbo Glow plug included. Made in Italy

.21 Jammin Engine = Part # 51250
.28 Jammin Engine = Part # 51251

Jammin Engines
2 Piece Engine Mount

12/27 - New 2 Piece Engine Mount

Remove and replace your engine without adjusting the gear mesh or throttle linkage with this new two piece mount. Makes working on the clutch or cleaning the chassis mush easier and faster. Fits all engine types. Hard anodized and comes with shown hardware. Part # 40623

12/10 - Chad Bradley at the Hong Nor Cup

The Hong Nor Cup in Chui, Taiwan drew 110 Hong Nor Buggies and Truggies. Chad Bradley traveled to represent the Jammin Team. Chad reports that the track was big (around 40 sec. lap times), lots of jumps, good traction, bumpy, and the weather was very windy. The race was open to anyone driving a Hong Nor Buggy or Truggy. The Hong Nor Cup is a customer appreciation race. There were lots of give always and about 10 CRT and CR Kits were givin out at the end. A free lunch for everyone and the entry fee was only $15.00 which came with a lot of goodies. Two 6 minute qualifiers were run with a 12 car 40 minute A Final Main. Chad TQ'd and won buggy by a couple laps. Truggy class only had one qualifier and the main was 20min. Chad again won the main by a couple laps!

Although a Typhoon postponed this event, (may explain the rubber mats on the jump landing) the trip was a success with Jammin Jay at the factory finalizing the CRT.5 details and Chad Bradley spreading his wisdom to fellow racers.

Chad Bradley pictured with the President of Hong Nor "Davey" in the pits during the race weekend. Chad reports that "Everyone is very friendly and appreciative when we visit. I try to help the racers over here with car set-up, we make new friends, and we get in some testing with the factory engineers."

Hong Nor Cup
Hong Nor Cup
Hong Nor Cup
Gary Guest

12/3 - "The Sloth" is Best in the West

At the 3rd round of the "Best of the West" Series, Gary Guest aka The Sloth, tops the field in the Pro Buggy class with a smooth run in the main event driving his Jammin X1-CR-FTE buggy. Dean Sexton takes the TQ honors in the Pro Truggy class piloting his X1-CRT. See his set-up sheet. Click here.

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