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Racing News 6/06 - 9/06

Jamie Boothe
Jamie Boothe

9/29 - X1-CRT & Jamie Boothe BRCA British National Champion!

The BRCA British National Truck Championships took place over the weekend of 24 th and 25 th of September at the Ledbury track in the west midlands. The entry list for the truggy section included many well known names from 1/8 th off road, including Kyosho factory driver Mike Cradock , Mugen Factory driver Stewart Wilcox , Hong Nor driver Jamie Booth amongst others. The event was unusual in the fact that it was two separate days racing, with points from each day added together to get an overall champion.
On the Saturday Lee Taylor recent winner of the Nova Rossi GP took the TQ position for the A main with the CRT ’s of Jamie Booth and Simon Willets lined up in second and third on the grid. At the start of the 20 minute final the two CRT drivers quickly took the lead and pulled away from the rest of the field. Jamie Taking the win from Simon. At the end of the final the order was, 1st Jamie Booth X1CRT, 2nd Simon Willets X1CRT, 3rd Brenan Ralls TT St -1
On the Sunday the TQ position was battled out by the two CRT’s of Jamie Booth and Simon Willets, Jamie taking the TQ spot with the only 10 lap run of the day. 3rd on the grid was the CRT of MK racings Marc Knight ahead of Mike Cradock ’s Kyosho in 4th and Stewart Wilcox ’s Mugen in 5th . At the start of the final the previous days 1st and 2nd placed drivers Jamie Booth and Simon willet pulled away with Jamie taking the initiative leading from start to finish. Stewart Wilcox made a late charge for 2nd place by doing a 10 minute fuel strategy which put him back in the frame for 2nd in the later stages. At the end of the final the order was 1st Jamie Booth X1CRT, 2nd Simon Willets X1CRT, 3rd Stewart Wilcox Mugen MBX 5t Pro spec.

The overall position for the 2006 BRCA British truggy national championship is, 1st Jamie Booth X1CRT, 2nd Simon Willets X1CRT, 3rd Brenan Ralls TT St -1, 4th Stewart Wilcox Mugen MBX 5t Pro spec, 5th Mike Cradock Kyosho ST -R.

9/20 - The Secret is out. Jammin CRT.5 Coming soon.

Jammin Jay has been hard at work developing the next big thing in R/C. Actually it is a little thing. A smaller version of the Champion X1-CRT. The new CRT.5 truck is approximately 1/12th size. The CRT.5 features 4WD front, center and rear diffs ,Standard .12 engine size for easier tuning and more power, Long suspension, Standard size electronics, wheels and tires are compatible with common electric 1/10th buggies.

Stay tuned for more details - coming soon.


WC A Final
The "A" Final line-up Chad Bradley
Chad Bradley receiving the 4th place hardware Chad's X1-CR-FTE
Chad's X1-CR-FTE at the awards banquet

9/1 - Pavidas Brings Home The Gold

Jammin Products congratulates Mark Pavidas for earning the 2006 IFMAR 1/8th Off-Road World Championship title. Six Americans made it into the A final with Jammin Products' own Chad Bradley finishing 4th place. "This World Championship Race was the best organized event that I have ever been to." says Chad. "My buggy worked great from the first time I put it on the track. The main started very rough, with everyone racing hard at the beginning and making a lot of mistakes. After I got clear of some of the other cars, I was able to drive it to the front, but ran out of time. The first ten minutes killed it for me." One interesting fact about Chad's set-up is that no special parts were used for this event and all the parts are available to the public. He finished every qualifier and main event without a part failure. In fact, this is true with every X1-CR attending the race. Congratulations Team USA!


9/1 - Johnny Sauter Rolls with Jammin Products

NASCAR Busch Series driver, Johnny Sauter receives his custom Jammin CRT-RTR with a replica paint scheme of his Yellow "00" Chevy. Not having the time to compete in R/C, Johnny sticks to backyard bashing with his buddies during his time off.

Johnny SauterTeam Yellow

2006 WC

8/23 - Chad Bradley off to the World Championship

On Thursday Aug. 24th, Chad Bradley begins his long awaited journey to the 2006 IFMAR 1/8th Off-Road World Championships in Jakarta , Indonesia. We wish Chad as well as all the competitors good luck and have a safe trip.

8/20 - Taylor James unbeatable at R/C Pro Series !

Taylor takes both A Main wins by two laps each. The Buggy and Truggy classes at the recent R/C Pro Series South Division Round 3 at Action R/C in Oklahoma was dominated by Taylor James and his X1-CR-FTE buggy and X1-CRT Truggy. He took those boys to school!!

Taylor James

Team Jammin at the ROAR Buggy Nats

7/24 - Team Jammin at the ROAR Buggy Nationals

With only 15 of the best racers in the country racing for the title, Three Jammin Buggies qualified for the final at this years ROAR Nationals with Taylor James, Matt Gosch, and Chad Bradley all piloting Jammin X1-CR-FTE Buggies. Chad took the lead through the middle of the main event only to fall out while leading, Taylor came from a bad start to finish in Second, and Matt finished just outside the top ten in 12th.

7/23 - Jamie Booth Takes British National Championship

The BRCA British national championships visited the quite Shrewsbury village of Roddington yesterday. As ever there was a full entry of 117 drivers including such notable names as 7 time national champ and Euro 2006 pole starter Dave Crompton, 2wd ifmar electric World champion Neil Cragg, Xray factory driver Jon Hazlewood and 4wd IFMAR electric world championship A finalist Paul Bradby amongst others. On hot and Sunny day the TQ spot for the A main was taken by the Team Hong Nor/Jammin X1-CR UK factory team car of Jamie Booth with his round 2 and 3 scores. At the start of the final the X1CR was the class of the field and pulled away to a comfortable lead early on and stayed there to take a convincing victory over Xray driver Jon Hazlewood some 10 seconds behind. New Hong Nor/Jammin driver Simon Willets made the A in 7th place and finished 7th after running out of fuel while in 3rd place battling with Neil Cragg.

Jamie Booth Jamie Booth
Ryan McCrery

7/21 - McCrery Wins!

The Northwest Championship Series Round 4 
In Clarkston, WA. Ryan McCrery TQ' ed the truggy class with his X1-CRT and qualified 2nd in 1/8th buggy class with his X1-CR-FTE. Ryan dominated both mains by leading laps 1 thru 45 in both the truggy and
buggy classes for a clean sweep. 

7/20 - Jammin Jay on Wind Tunnel

Jammin Jay Halsey is scheduled to be on Speed TV's Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain this Sunday Night 7/23. Get your questions ready and call in 1-866-WTUNNEL. Jay will reveal some of the non-racing R/C stuff he has done over the years. It will be interesting.

Wind Tunnel

The Farm 2
The Farm 2

7/14 - Jammin Racing Team at the ROAR Nationals

During the 3rd week of July, Jammin Products will be in Charlotte, NC. to contest the 2006 ROAR Off-Road Buggy Fuel National Championship. The entire team will be on hand with all the latest gear from Jammin Products. Jammin will also have an office setup trackside for Racer Technical Support. All racers are welcome to come inside and receive advise from any of the Factory Pros. Click here to find more about the event.

7/14 - New CRT Mud Guards

The long awaited CRT Mud Guards are here. They mount to the front of the chassis and fit under the body to help protect the gear from mud and debris. Click here for more details.

CRT Mud Gaurd
Battery Box Lid

7/14 - New Battery Box Lid

Keeping up with the advancing battery technology, Jammin Products will release a new Battery box lid for the complete line of Jammin Buggies and Trucks. The new lid has a raised top allowing more interior room in the box for the bigger batteries. Stay tuned for more details.

7/10 - Wins keep Piling on !

The Jammin products Racing Team has been so dominate this year, it's hard to keep up with the details. Over the past few weeks, the team has racked up more major event wins than all other teams combined.

Shootout Series Final Points - So. Cal.
Dean Sexton - 1st Expert 1/8th Buggy
Dean Sexton - 1st Expert Truggy
RJ -1st Sportsman 1/8th Buggy
RJ - 1st Sportsman Truggy

ROAR Region 12 Championships - Sun Valley, Ca.
Chad Bradley - 1st & TQ Expert 1/8th Buggy
Chad Bradley - 1st Expert Truggy
Dean Sexton - TQ Expert Truggy

R/C Pro Series West Rnd 2 - Canby, Or.
Chad Bradley - 1st & TQ Expert 1/8th Buggy
Chad Bradley - 1st & TQExpert Truggy

R/C Pro Series East Round 2 - Griffen, Ga.
Lance Norick - 1st Arena Truck (truggy)

R/C Pro Series South Rnd 2 - Pleasant Hill, Mo
Taylor James - 1st Expert 1/8th Buggy
Taylor James - 1st Arena Truck (truggy)

West Coast Shootout
Dean Sexton 1st (middle) and Jon Anderson 2nd (right), taking the posters at the Shootout finals.
Tank Lid Trigger

7/1 - New Product

Make your pit stops faster with this new Jammin Tank Lid Puller. Eliminate that tie strap and fuel tubing. Bolts on in seconds. Length is adjustable to fit all models. This unit is available in 3 different colors. Red (#40620R), Black (#40620BK), and Blue(#40620BL). Click here for more details.

6/11 - Jammin Boys Take The Farm

Team Jammin participated in the Summer Nitrofest at The Farm 2 in Charlotte, N.C. with results from qualifying to stand as the overall finishing order due to a heavy down pour of rain on the finals day. Chad Bradley takes the win in the Unlimited Truck Class with his X1-CRT due to his top qualifying performance on the prior day and Taylor James pulls down second place for his efforts.
Taylor and Chad @ The Farm 2
Jammin JP-3 Pipe

New Pipe In Stock

Jammin R&D has developed a new edition to the Exhaust Pipe line. The new JP-3 is of a Triple Chamber Design to smooth out the power band as well as broaden the overall range. Click here for more details.

New Parts Coming

Soon to be released CNC Billet Center Diff Mount. Jammin Racing has developed a new CNC machined center diff mount for the X1-CR buggy with an offset brake cam for smoother and more consistent braking operation. A Delrin bushing for the brake cam provides smoother operation and less wear to the mount. The new patented brake cam lock design allows normal braking and will not allow the cam to rotate back the other way and brake under acceleration. As with the standard mount the differential splits in two and the differential can be removed very quickly without upsetting the drive train. The aluminum Diff mount also acts as a heat sink to take unwanted heat out of the braking system which will reduce brake fade. This is a very unique design. So unique, that it's Patented in USA, Europe, Taiwan R.O.C.. Read More...Click Here

Center Diff. Mount
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