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Racing News - 2005/2004


Chad Wins in first attempt!

Chad Bradley pilots his Jammin X1-CRT to victory in Sun Valley, California at the R/C Pro National Championships to capture the Overall 2005 National Points Championship.

Chad Bradley X1-CRT
Chad Bradley's X1-CRT

One of the Worlds Best Signs with Jammin Racing Team

Chad Bradley has been in pursuit for the World Championship title since he started racing R/C cars in the early 90's. Within the last two W.C. finals, Chad has come very close to the title. He is confident that this move to the Jammin Team will put him in that top position. He's one of the very few racers in recent history to capture a national championship as a privateer. Chad is very approachable and enjoys helping other racers with car set-up and we are proud to have him on the team. Chad brings his associate sponsors with him - Proline, Airtronics, O.S. Engine, Acer Bearing, The Dirt, Race Prep Hobbies, and H.T. Batteries. Chad will be driving the Jammin X1-CR Buggy and the Jammin X1-CRT Truck. Meet Chad on his interview page or visit Team Racer Tips by Chad Bradley New Team Member winning races. Matt Gosch starts out on top.

Chad Bradley
Matt Gocsh

New Team Member winning races. Matt Gosch starts out on top.

This 13 year old kid is putting in top finishes at some of the big events early in 2005. With a mixture of raw talent and great sportsmanship, this kid and his Dad draw the attention of the Jammin Products Racing Team. Team Boss, Jammin Jay has a flash back to his early days of R/C racing and remembers himself and his Dad putting out the same effort. Everybody in R/C knows the history of World and Multi-National Champions, Jammin Jay and his Dad Jim Halsey. With that in mind, Jay invites Matt and Chris Gosch to the team. Matt didn't waste any time, The third day after he received his Jammin X1-CRT, he finished 2nd at the Kyosho Challenge. The next RC Pro Series event, he wins the Unlimited Monster Truck class with his Jammin X1-CRT. He has wrapped up the Pro Series North Division with a championship in Unlimited Monster Truck.

2005 ROAR National Champion!!! Jammin Jay and the new Jammin X1-CRT

With only 4 prototypes in existence, Jammin Jay Halsey drives the X1-CRT (Competition Race Truck) to victory at the 2005 ROAR Nationals. Three of the four trucks entered at the race qualified for the A main and Team Jammin takes the top 2 spots with a 1-2 finish. What is even more remarkable, is the fact that the X1-CRT has qualified for every A main at every race it has competed in to date.
See more of the X1-CRT. Click here.
X1-CRT National Champ


Adam Smokes 'Em again! 3 Years in a row!!!!

Adam Drake extends his winning streak at the first major race of the year. The 10th annual Indoor Gas Champs hosted by CRCRC in Columbus, Ohio. Adam took the TQ honors and blitzed the competition in the main taking the checkered flag by a 2 lap margin. Last year he did it with the prototype X1-CR - This year the production X1-CR did the trick!

The Edurance Race Team

X1-CR Proves to be very durable at first Endurance Race

January 29th,2005 Thunder Alley Raceway hosts a 3 hour endurance race for 1/8th buggies. Team Jammin set out to prove the durability of the new X1-CR and signed up the team with two pro drivers of Jammin Jay Halsey, and Dean Sexton, with two non-pro drivers of Chris G, and Jay Smoker. The Team held the lead for a majority of the race until the tire wear became too severe to battle with the eventual winners who opted to change tires midway. Team Jammin lost the lead with under 10 minutes to go and finished one lap back. The X1-CR ran flawless without a single part breaking. Thanks to Dean Sexton for the top notch car prep that kept the team on the track and in front.

The Jammin 2004 Worlds Team
The Jammin Team on the 2004 Worlds Tour
in Fururing Raceway, Sweden
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