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Jammin Racing News Feb. 2007

Jacques Ballow
Photo by Stephen Bess

Jacque Ballow Buggy

2/25 - Jacques Ballow and the X1-CR-FTE win the Nitro Challenge

Emerging as one of the top privateers in the nation, Jacques Ballow dominated this years Nitro Challenge by The Dirt at the Nitro Pit in Arizona by taking Top Qualifier honors and the"A" Final driving his Jammin X1-CR-FTE. See his set-up . Click here. We interview Jacques about his success;

  • Name: Jacques Ballow
  • Nickname: n/a
  • Age: 28
  • Hometown: San Diego
  • Current Residence: Lakeside, CA
  • Occupation: Superintendent for a General Contracting Company

Q. How does it feel to win one of the biggest R/C races in the country? A. It's a great feeling to win the Nitro Challenge, with so many talented drivers competing against one another, you definitely have to bring your A-Game!

Q. Is this your first major race win? A. I won the 1/8 Scale Expert Class at the So Cal Saturday Series this past year. But winning the Nitro Challenge is definitely my biggest accomplishment so far in R/C Racing!

Q. Why did you choose the Jammin Buggy? A. I chose the Jammin Buggy because of its proven track record, durability and consistency. When my car is on the track I honestly feel like it is the best car out there and being confident in my car lets me focus on my driving.

Q. What are your future plans in R/C racing? A. To continue racing as much as possible, get faster and start racing at a level where I can compete with the best drivers in the world!

Q. Being one of the best privateer racers in the world right now, what does it take to get here? A. It takes hard work, determination, and countless hours of preparation, but I think the most important thing is the will and the want to win.

Q. Would you ever consider going Pro and racing full time? A. Absolutely, going Pro and racing full time would be a dream come true for me!

2/20 - The New Jammin CRT.5 Mini Truggy is released for sale.

Get the Pro Version now on sale. Click here for details. Available in limited quantities until next month when the bulk of the shipment arrives. The RTR Version will be available shortly after. Get a blank set-up sheet.


Jammin gear set 2/20 - New Jammin Ring and Pinion Gear Set

Direct replacement ring and pinion gear set for front and rear differentials. Stronger material and new tooth design add up to a smoother more efficient gear mess. Fits all Jammin Buggies and Truggies as well as Kyosho 777 and Hyper 8 products. Part # 40626
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