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Jammin Racing News Oct, Nov, Dec, 2008
Chad Bradley Wins!!

12/27 - "After Christmas Race"

Chad Bradley made the most out of the last race of the year at Revelation Raceway in California with a TQ and win in the Pro Buggy Class driving his Jammin X2 Buggy . Chad admits that he has got his car "dialed in" and is ready for the 2009 season. " The car is so good out of the box, it just takes that little extra care when assembling the kit to make it the best car I have ever driven" says Chad. "I'm a big believer in the little details, that's what makes the difference from a good car to a great car".

12/16 - X2 Set-ups by Chad Bradley

Chad Bradley was kind enough to submit some set-up sheets for the new X2 Buggy and Truggy.

Click here to go to the Set-up Page


Set ups
Jammin X2 Buggy

12/15 - NOW SHIPPING "The X2 Buggy hits stores"

Just in time for the holidays, the X2 Buggy is now available. As of Monday December 15th they have been flying out of the warehouse.
Click here to see the Press Release and parts list (PDF file)

12/11 - Build your X1 Buggy into an X2 Worlds Contender

The conversion kit is here. Convert your X1 buggy into the "Fastest Buggy at the Worlds Warm-up". These are the same parts Taylor James received to build up his buggy and beat the worlds best. Includes new Lightened Chassis, Body, Super Big Bore Springs, Carbon Fiber Shock Towers, Billet Alum Rear Chassis Stiffener, Aluminum Center Drive Shafts, Low Ratio Lightweight Ring and Pinion Gears, Lightweight Spur Gear, Lightweight Center Outdrives, Center Diff. Mount with Offset Brake Calipers, and Carbon Fiber Center Diff. Top Plate. Available at your local hobby store now!!

Part #41111

Jammin X2 Buggy Conversion Kit
Jammin X2 Truggy-RTR

11/25 - Jammin Products - New Kits Arriving

Three new major products are scheduled for release just in time for the holidays. The long awaited X2 Buggy Conversion Kit to hit the market near December 1st. This kit will be available in limited quantities. Followed shortly by the complete X2 Buggy Kit. The same buggy that dominated the Worlds Warm-up Race. The X2 Truggy RTR (Ready to Rip) Kit (shown at left) will be in stores late December.

X2 Buggy Conversion Kit = Part #41111

X2 Buggy Kit = Part #34958
Click here to see the Press Release and parts list (PDF file)

X2 Truggy RTR (Ready to Rip) Kit = Part #34965
Click here to see the press release (PDF file)

11/2 - Tom Stober Out Lasts Em All

The 4th Annual Fall Classic at Trains N Lanes Off-Road Raceway in PA. hosted an "Extreme" enduro type of an event where the rules didn't allow for turn marshalls, refueling, or restarting. Team Jammin Extreme Sport Specialist, Tom Stober was on hand to claim the top prize money with his Jammin X1-CR Worlds Buggy.

Tom Stober

Jammin Tire Balancer
Jammin Tire Balancer Stand

New Jammin Tire Balancer

Be like the pros and balance your tires for a smooth running buggy or truggy. Fits any brand 1/8th buggy or truggy tire wheel combo. Use the Hand Held Balancer alone or clamp it into the Balancer Stand for quicker more precise balancing. Simply spin tire wheel and let rotate until it stalls. Then just add weight to the light area of the rim.

Balancer Part # 20004
Balancer Stand Part # 20005

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