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Jammin Racing News Jan, Feb, & Mar 2010

3/28 - Short Course Racing at it's BEST

Door slammin and fender bashing is what it's all about in short course racing. Chad Bradley and fellow OFNA driver Jeremy Kortrz put on a display of door to door racing during the first round of the JBRL Electric Series at West Coast R/C in Southern California. Chad Bradley and his Jammin SCRT-10 waited until round three of qualifying to post the fastest time for the TQ position of the final. The Main event saw another classic Chad and Jeremy battle. Chad lead for the first few laps until Jeremy took the lead when Chad went wide after landing a jump into a corner leaving the door open for Jeremy. After many failed attempts by Chad to take the lead back from Jeremy, It wasn't until the very last lap of the 6 minute main event that Chad was able to get by Jeremy in the very same corner that Jeremy gained the lead early in the race. With this win, Chad has the advantage going into the 7 month series that will travel from track to track around Southern California.

Watch the exciting video.


 See Chad's TQ run

See the winning A Main event run

3/23 - Chad Bradley and the Jammin SCRT-10 tq's and wins the 2010 Silver State

Hosted by Sin City R/C and organized by Joey "The Dirt" on a very demanding and technical 1/8 off road track, just as the Nitro Challenge a few weeks back! The track was very technical with very large sized jumps and a whoop section that played havoc on even the 1/8 buggies and trucks, not to mention 30-50mph winds. Chad Bradley set the fastest time in round 1 by nearly two laps over the next fastest time. It was the Jammin SCRT-10 that helped Chad drive consistently the whole run through to secure the overall top qualifying position for the main event on Sunday. The start of the main Chad lead from the drop of the green flag and then built his lead up to around 10-12 seconds over second, who was never able to get close enough to contend for the win. Chad took the convincing win which was his 3rd Silver State win!

See the TQ run and the winning A Main run on video. Notice the difference in track conditions between the three days. The Jammin SCRT-10 looks to be more than capable running on a rough and tore up 1/8th size track. The SCRT-10 is virtually stock out of the box.

3/10 - Ryan Villopoto's SCRT-10

If you're into Supercross Racing then by now you know that Ryan Villopoto likes his Jammin R/C cars. Ryan spent much of his off season driving his Jammin X2 Buggy and now will be wheelin this Jammin SCRT-10 complete with custom Up-Grade Graphics and green bead locks.

Jammin SCRT-10 Ryan Villopoto

Ryan Villopoto's Jammin SCRT-10

3/9 - Thanks Taylor !

Everyone at Jammin Products would like to thank Taylor James for all his hard work and dedication toward the growth and success of Jammin Products. "It is with regret that Taylor will possibly move to another team due to the lack of support from our affiliates. I think Taylor is a great guy and really enjoyed having him on the team and most of all I'm glad to be his friend." says Jay Halsey.
Taylor is currently looking at his options within the R/C industry while continuing his full time college education. No matter what he decides, he will be a great asset to the industry. Thank you Taylor !

3/2 - Chad Bradley TQ's and Wins 1/8 Buggy and 4wd Short Course

During the "Tuesday Night Nationals" at Hot Rod Hobbies with over 80 entries Chad Bradley with his Jammin X2 buggy and Jammin SCRT-10 TQed and won!

In the 1/8 buggy class Chad set the fastest time in both rounds of qualifying with Jeremy Kortz 4 seconds behind and Scott Wagner in third. In the main event Chad pulled away from the field letting the rest of the pack battle it out. Finishing order in the 1/8 buggy main event was Chad Bradley winning, Jeremy Kortz in 2nd and Steven Bess in 3rd.

In the extremely popular 4wd Short Course class, Chad set a new track record with a time that was on par with the 1/8 buggies. Jeremy Kortz qualified 2nd and Jimmy Webster 3rd with the Jammin SCRT-10. In the 4wd Short Course main, it was all about the Jammin trucks running in the top spot the entire main. Chad went on to win the main with the SCRT-10, Jeremy Kortz in 2nd and Jimmy Webster in 3rd!

Watch the videos and see the SCRT-10 and Chad Bradley in action.

Unlimited Short Course Main Event

Chad Bradley's Record Setting TQ run


2/13 -  Jay Halsey and Chad Bradley dominate Saturday @ Hot Rod Hobbies

Jay Halsey and Chad Bradley were on hand Saturday night at Hot Rod Hobbies club race, Chad took care of the 1/8 buggy class with his Jammin X2 Buggy, and Jay racing the new Jammin SCRT-10 4wd Short Course truck. There was a full heat of 1/8 buggies, two full heats of 4wd Short Course trucks and a total of 90 entries at Hot Rods Saturday. In the 1/8 buggy class Chad TQed both rounds of qualifying and lead wire to wire in the 12min main event. The Jammin SCRT-10 has been in a class of its own in the 4wd short course class at Hot Rods and Saturday it didn't disappoint taking the TQ in both rounds of qualifying by Jimmy Webster driving a SCRT-10. Jay Halsey dominated the main event taking a strong lead early on and cruising to a convincing win, nearly lapping up to 2nd place in the 8min main!

2/7 - Slick Rick Doubles Up

Team driver Rick McCrery debuted his SCRT-10 with a convincing TQ and win this past weekend at the Cabin Fever race in Lewiston Id.

He said after the race “The car was so fun to drive. I took the car straight from the box to the track and it performed amazing!” the Jammin SCRT-10 was head and shoulders above the other manufacturers in its class posting lap times close to some of the Truggys.

Rick also took home the win in Pro Buggy with his JPX .21 powered X2 Buggy. After qualifying in the 2nd position on the grid Rick was able to stay consistent and take home the win by a large margin.

Rick said “My Jammin equipment was great all weekend and the main event it was no exception.”

Rick McCrery

Novak Havoc Pro & 4.5 HV Motor
Novak 4.5 HV MotorNovak Havoc Pro ESC

SCRT-10 Set-up Info

Due to the sky rocketing popularity of the SCRT-10, we have published some set-up info that has been working well for the Jammin Team racers.

Speed Controller and Motors
Team Jammin has had great success with the Novak Havoc Pro Speed Control and the 4.5 HV Pro Brushless Motor. This system works well with a 5000mAh 7.4v Lipo battery. Gearing for a short track of 13/46 (stock) or a longer track of 14/46 (optional). All above available @ Nitro House

Chassis Set-up
Chad Bradley has posted his Short Course Championship winning set-up. Click Here to view.

1/30 - Short Course Championships

The 1st Annual Short Course Championships was a very successful event hosted by Milestone R/C in Riverside CA. and organized by Joey "The Dirt" Christensen. In the Unlimited 4wd Short Course class it was all about the Jammin SCRT-10 posting the fastest times in both rounds of qualifying and a 1,2,3 sweep in the main event on a very demanding and technical track! Jimmy Wright posted the fastest time in round 1 of qualifying with his Jammin SCRT-10. In round 2 Chad Bradley put in a time 1 second faster than Wright's round 1 time to take the overall TQ in the 4wd class. In the Unlimited 4wd Short Course 7 minute main it was mostly a fight between the second to fifth spot, however Jimmy Wright applied some pressure early on to Bradley. After a few bobbles by Wright, Chad was able to build a comfortable lead. Jay Halsey worked his way through the field early on and began a battle for the second spot between himself and Wright. When the horn sounded for the end of the race, Chad Bradley crossed the line first, Jimmy Wright second, and Jay Halsey third, making it a Jammin SCRT-10 1-2-3 finish!

Unlimited 4wd Short Course Results

  • 1st & TQ Chad Bradley Jammin SCRT-10
  • 2nd Jimmy Wright Jammin SCRT-10
  • 3rd Jay Halsey Jammin SCRT-10

An interesting side note reveals that lap times posted by the SCRT-10 were the fastest of the event. Faster than those in the 1/8th gas and electric classes.!

Short Course Championships

View some videos of the event

Chad Bradley's TQ run
Jay Halsey's qualifying run
Unlimited 4wd Short Course Main Event


OCRC Raceway

1/26 - More SCRT-10 results.

Chad Bradley and his SCRT-10 still dominating the Short Course classes at every Southern California track he attends. See the main event action from OC/RC Raceway. Click here

1/20 - SCRT-10 Tearing Up Tracks Across the Nation

As the first wave of Jammin SCRT-10 Trucks hit the tracks the results all seem to be the same. Top spot on the podium.

Team Driver Matt Gosch received his truck on a Thursday, raced on Saturday at the SMAC Track in St. Charles, Missouri taking the win.

Team Driver Taylor James and Traver Mullen debuted their trucks with a 1st and 2nd place finish. See the video and watch the final.

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