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Jammin Racing News April, May, June, 2009

6/22 - Afghanistan Man

Jammin Team driver Tom Stober sent us this report from one of his adventures...........On June 18th I flew over to Qatar and Afghanistan with some other action sports athletes for 10 days. We went over to hang out with our troops and give them some entertainment and a taste of being back home. We got to drive and fly in some crazy vehicles! My favorite had to be the Chinook helicopter flights. We sat on the edge of the tail door as we flew to smaller, remote bases called F.O.B.'s. The troops were excited to show us what there jobs were there. Some special ops guys set up a bunch of their guns for us to shoot- 50 caliber, S.A.W(my favorite gun I shot) and an M4. It was nuts! I met some soldiers that are into R/C and we shared some good stories. I think it made them crave getting back home and dig their R/C cars out a little bit more!

Tom Stober

pro series - team jammin

6/21 - Round One goes to Team Jammin

The 1st round of the Midwest R/C Pro Series took place this past weekend in St. Louis Dirtburners. Team Jammin' drivers Matt Gosch and Aaron Pucci were in attendance, as well as new team member Matt Farris. Matt Gosch and Aaron Pucci raced in the Pro Buggy and Pro Truggy classes while Matt Farris raced in the Expert Buggy class. Matt Farris qualified his X2 Buggy toward the front of the A in Expert Buggy and showed he has what it takes to be a top driver in the Series. He battled for first towards the end of the 30 minute main and had the race won until a last lap flameout cost him the victory and gave him second place instead. Matt Gosch and Aaron Pucci made the A main in both Pro classes with their X2 Buggies and X2 Truggies. Matt Gosch took top honors in Pro Truggy after a close battle with Josh Wheeler early on. Josh later dropped out and Matt went on to put a lap on the field. Aaron stayed strong and consistent in the main and ended up finishing second. Next would be the Pro Buggy main where Matt and Aaron qualified second and third. After the dust had settled from the 45 minute main, Matt came out in second place while Aaron finished a strong fifth. Great job Team Jammin'.

6/14 - Taylor James - Steve Hale
First and Second

Taylor James writes this report about his winning performance with his Jammin X2 Buggy. It is interesting to hear it from the point of view of a racer. Read on...
"This past weekend was the RC Pro round 2 at Extreme RC in Evansdale, Iowa. I made the 5 hour drive up to the race with Jammin drivers Traver Mullen, Steve Hale, and Traver's dad Brad Mullen.  Brad was nice enough to let me pit in their trailer all weekend. Friday was practice and my setup seemed pretty close after hitting the track the first time. The track had very low traction so I made a few changes to help hook my car up.  I changed to 1 degree of anti-squat and changed my camber to 1 degree.  I also felt like I needed more steering so I raised my front upper arms to the top hole instead of the middle hole.  After making these changes I felt my car was very good so I focused on finding the right tire. I liked Proline M3 Calibers the best. Practice was cut short due to rain and it ended up raining all that night.  The next morning we had a late start to qualifying but the track crew did an awesome job getting the track ready to run on and the track was in good shape after we got started. I had a rough first round but came back to TQ the remaining three rounds to take the overall TQ. In the third round I actually broke a front shock shaft on my second lap but finished the race and still was fast enough to TQ the round. Actually my time was about the same as my time from the previous round so even with three shocks my Jammin X2 Buggy was still really good. I spent the mains day working on my car and trying to figure out what tires to run. I also pit for Steve Hale in the Arena Truck A-main. Traver and Steve battled down to the finish for third and finished a respectable third and fourth overall.  In the buggy main I went out on M3 calibers but switched to M2 Bowties in warmups. My car was really good and after the first pit stop I opened up a big lead and didn't look back. I ended up taking the win just under three laps ahead of second Steve Hale who had a very close race to the finish with the third place driver. So Jammin took first and second in what ended up to be a very successful and fun weekend at Extreme RC. I'd like to thank the track crew for being such great hosts and I plan on returning next year. My set up sheet can be found posted on Jammin's web site."

Taylor James

Taylor James and Steve Hale
Chad Bradley

6/2 - Tuesday Night Nationals

If you are a local R/C racer in the Southern California area, there is a good chance that when you sign up at a weekly club race, you'll be racing against national and world caliber drivers. Such was the case at Hot Rod Hobbies' Tuesday night program with over 100 entries. Chad Bradley lined up against Mike Truhe, Cody King, and Jeremy Kortz to battle it out for bragging rights. The Pro Built X2 by Chad Bradley posted the TQ time for the night and swapped first place throughout the main event with Truhe at the beginning and eventually repassed Kortz within the last few minutes to take the win.

Chad and his Pro Built Buggy and Truggy have been doing some damage to the competition lately and he looks to be in top form when the real nationals roll around.

5/24 - McCrery Bros. Dominate Hank Perry 240

Team Jammin was in full force for the 23rd annual Hank Perry 240 and ready to battle some of the fastest racers in the Northwest! Rick and Ryan McCrery, Two of Team Jammins finest, were looking good dialing in their Jammin X2 Buggys and Jammin X2 Truggys during Friday Practice. Saturday At the Hank starts out with beautiful 75 degree weather clear sky's as qualifying starts. In the Truggy class, Jammin's "Slick Rick" McCrery shows the field he's the one to beat by TQing one round and finishing 2nd in another locking up TQ for Team Jammin driving his Jammin X2 Truggy powered by a JPX .21! Not willing to get schooled by his younger brother and teammate, Ryan McCrery strikes back with double zeros in the Buggy class clinching TQ piloting his Jammin X2 Buggy leaving the other drivers feeling handicapped for the start of the main on Sunday! Anticipation in the air Sunday for the start of the 1/8th Truggy final with Rick McCrery on pole with brother Ryan starting 6th. Charging from the beginning Rick fights to maintain his lead while Ryan battles to get to the front! Right from the start Ryan claws his way though the the pack to finally take the lead from his brother! But wait! Rick pushes his Jammin X2 Truggy to the limit to overtake Ryan with a few "Slick" moves of his own and takes the win giving Team Jammin a 1-2 finish on the podium!

At the start of the Buggy A-main it was apparent Ryan McCrery was hungry for redemption. Sitting in the TQ spot gave him plenty of confidence for the 30 min main with brother Rick holding down 4th position ready to do battle! From the beginning, Ryan shows his dominance with his Jammin X2 Buggy by setting the pace with in a comfortable lead and in cruise control leaving his brother to pick up the pieces with the rest of the pack. Due to an unfortunate incident at the start, Rick ends up in the last position having to knuckle down hard to salvage his hopes for another win. Then another blow to Team Jammins hopes to lock in another win with Ryan dropping out of the race due to a faulty glow plug! Now with 10 min to go Jammins only hope is Rick McCrery to pull off a hat trick for the win, unfortunately Ricks charge is too late to catch the leader battling with 2nd place to give Jammin the final spot on the podium with 3rd. Great job Rick! After it was all said and done Team Jammin leaves the Northwest's most prestigious event with a TQ in Truggy and Buggy, a 1-2 finish in Truggy and a 3rd in Buggy! Afterwards the boys left to celebrate their wins at the local restaurant to get , you guessed it! Chicken Dinner! Team Jammin Would like to congratulate all the other winners and thanks the Spokane Car Club for putting on another awesome Hank Perry 240!

Hank Perry 240
Hank Perry 240
Hank Perry 240
Hank Perry 240
Matt Gosch

5/2 - Takin care of Business

Matt Gosch sweeps the RJD Hobbies Opening Day with his Jammin X2 Truggy and X2 Buggy. Matt and his Dad Chris drove up to beautiful Lincoln, Illinois for RJD Hobbies and Raceway's annual opening day. The day was filled with good food and lots of fun activities for all the racers and families, but when it came down to business, Matt blew the competition away. Matt went on to TQ and win both classes by well over a lap. "I started on the pole in both classes and just concentrated on getting a good start. After about the second lap, I realized I had a pretty good gap on the rest of the field, but I decided to keep pushing myself. My Jammin vehicles were awesome all day long. All I had to do was change tires and not worry about set-up at all." Matt used his Jammin .21 engine to take the win in the Truggy class.

5/10 -T the Little Man steps up on the podium.

Everyone at Jammin Products would like to congratulate 11 year old Tanner Stees for grabbing his first podium finish. Tanner and his Dad, Kevin, Traveled to the El Paso Tri State Championships where Tanner put his X2 Buggy and X2 Truggy in both Expert Main Events. Tanner kept the hammer down during the Truggy main and drove through the rough track conditions to a second place finish behind "King" Richard Saxton. Tanner has been racing for almost half his life and now he is only one small jump from the top of the podium.

Tanner Stees
Tanner Stees
Taylor James @ RC Pro Race #1

5/3 - Round One goes to Taylor James

RC Pro held the first round of the North Division at Real R/C in Pleasant Hill, Mo. which attracted 156 entries and threatening weather all weekend. With the rain blanketing the track all week prior to the event, racers were greeted to a very slick track for the 2 day event. The rain never came, but Taylor James brought his own storm. Capturing TQ position in both classes with fast times posted in 3 of the 4 rounds in both Pro Buggy and Pro Truggy. More bad news for the competition in the mains as Taylor piloted his X2 Buggy and X2 Truggy to run away wins in both main events. Taylor was nice enough to give us a little insight into how he coped with the conditions of the track. Read on.......

"It was a miracle that we even got to race since it rained everyday for a week leading up to the race. The forecast for the weekend was 90% chance of thunderstorms everyday so it didn't look good on Friday which was the first day of practice. I had class friday so I didn't get out to the track until later in the afternoon which turned out to be ok because that was about the time people started running on the track since it was so wet all day. I practiced with both my truck and my buggy.  Both cars were pretty good and all I did was go to a little bit lighter shock setup due to it being cooler outside.  We got very lucky on qualifying day and it didn't rain, in fact it was really nice all day.  I TQ'd the 1st and 2nd rounds in both classes, I qualified 2nd in both classes the 3rd round and finished up by TQing both classes in the last round. The track had a very slick groove due to all the rain the week before so there was little to no traction on the track. I had to change my setups accordingly.  I went to less anti-squat in both cars and I went to a shorter rear camber link in the buggy to help it square up better out of the corners.  The track layout was very technical so a good setup was key to getting around the track well.  I ran M3's all day, actually I ran the same set of Proline Bowties all day in buggy and the same set of M2 Holeshots in truggy. Main day was just as beautiful as the day before and I spent the day preparing both my cars for the 45 minute mains.  In A-main warm ups I decided that M2 Bowties were the tire of choice for buggy.  The first main I ran was the Truck main and it went really well. I battled with Chad Parks early but after the first few pits stops I pulled away and stretched my lead to a little over a lap. I finished about a lap and a half ahead of 2nd. The buggy main went just as well as the truck main. I stretched out to a comfortable lead early and never looked back. I ended up finishing 4 laps ahead of second. All in all the weekend went well and my Jammin cars performed awesome even on the slick conditions." 

Team Jammin Gets “Fast and Furious “

Recently team driver Kaulin Hall invited Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker for a day of R/C off-road. Jay Halsey of Jammin totally hooked Paul up with the new X2 buggy and all the swag to go with it. Paul was amazed at the progress the cars have made, he was eager to check his new buggy out! After doing some break in and setting it up Kaulin let Paul take over the controls. Just a few laps and he was hooked, it was pretty amazing to watch, we were shocked he caught on instantly and proceeded to burn up almost a gallon of fuel . Paul showed the car no mercy putting it through its paces. The cross over from all Paul’s track experience made the transition appear effortless. Paul kept saying,” he couldn’t believe how strapped the car was and how everything was either carbon fiber or titanium.” Paul is now setting his sights to check out some local tracks with Kaulin and possibly start his R/C racing career?
The following day it was Paul’s turn to show Kaulin his hobby. We all arrived at Willow Springs and to our amazement the crew from AE Performance had all of Paul’s latest rides including a 2009 GTR Skyline from the new movie. Kaulin was in car heaven, Paul took Kaulin for rides in all the amazing cars, and all you could see through the helmet was Kaulin’s grin from ear to ear!! Kaulin’s favorite was the tracked out GTS Porsche. During the day Kaulin got to hang out with Tanner Foust rally and drift car specialist and he asked Kaulin to come over to his private track in his back yard, an avid R/C enthusiast as well. Two great crossovers done in two days is just what the doctor ordered , Paul is now a huge Jammin fan and Kaulin, who knows with his love of racing the Skyline is the limit………Stay Fast! Paul and Kaulin would like to thank Jammin Products, Ofna, & AE Performance. And a special thanks to Jay Halsey !!

Fast N Furious
Fast N Furious
Fast N Furious
Fast N Furious
Fast N Furious

Jammin Jay and Chad Bradley - OFNA Live TODAY 5/6/2009 at 1PM PST.

Jay and Chad go live with talk about R/C racing, Jammin Products, and maybe some new top secret stuff.


The new OFNA LIVE site has been up and running for 3 weeks now and has done some small Q N A segments as well as interviews. Here is a little sample of things to come.

4/18 - Jammin wins at the first stop of the Northwest Championship Tour

Jammin factory drivers Rick McCrery and Ryan McCrery kicked off the Northwest Season at the 1st stop of the NCT - the largest off-road Regional series in the US. The first stop is in Wenatchee, WA., a place with deep RC racing heritage. The Spring shoot-out Can-Am challenge draws racers from 5 states as well as Canada. and this event always proves to be the toughest stop on the Tour due to very difficult track conditions. It’s a race of speed and attrition. Rick came out of the gate in qualifying letting everyone know that he was going to be a contender come main day. Rick of all the drivers was the most consistent throughout qualifying in both Truggy and Buggy. Ryan also had a TQ under his belt in both Buggy and Truggy. Rick and Ryan felt very confident going into Sunday knowing that both there Jammin X2 truggy and Jammin X2 Buggy with Jammin powered engines were hitting on all cylinders. Come main day the surface was starting to deteriorate and the track became increasingly difficult. In the Buggy main, both Ryan and Rick got off to a great start. Early in the main they were sitting 1st and 3rd with Ryan leading the race. While in 3rd Rick was unfortunately taken out of the race due to a mechanical problem. Ryan continued leading the race and maintained the lead despite having some difficulties in the pits costing him a lot of time. Ryan’s Jammin X2-Buggy proved to be too much for the competition as he took the win at the checkered flag. The Truggy main start unfolded with Ryan getting out clean and immediately started to real in the leader like he was standing still. Both Ryan and Rick’s X2 truggies flew around the track like the bumps were not even there. While Rick was making his way through the pack, Ryan had the lead and put the entire field down a lap before the half way mark. Then the unthinkable happened. Ryan crashed while trying to dodge some tangled up cars and the corner marshal flamed his truck just before the start/finish line. Despite losing a couple laps Ryan was able to get re-fired and work his way back up to finish 3rd just finishing seconds behind 1st and 2nd.

Ryan McCrery
Chad's X2 Truggy
Team Jammin Canada
Photos courtesy of - K&D Action Photos

4/18 - Perfect Performance

Chad Bradley led every lap of every race he started at the 3rd annual Canadian Indoor Off-Road Shootout. Not only was Chad and his X2 Buggy and X2 Truggy racers the biggest draw on the track, his pit area was crowded with on lookers and interested fellow racers the entire weekend. Chad was doing what he does best. Helping racers and winning races.! Chad put on a clinic with his driving skills but also answered hundreds of questions of other competitors. "It's a great feeling when you travel to other parts of the world and compete with people that treat you as well as the Canadians did at this event. I really enjoy helping other racers with setups and just advice not only about the Jammin Product, but other brands and stuff like driving technique and maintenance stuff. These type of events are so much fun for me and I think the other racers get a lot out of it as well." Says Chad. Chad would like to thank Victor Garcia from Precision Hobbies for inviting him up to the 3rd Annual Canadian Indoor Offroad Shootout, he cant wait for next years event!

A couple you tube videos from the race

Buggy rd 2 qualifying

Truggy rd 2 qualifying

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