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Jammin Racing News Sept, Oct, Nov, & Dec. 2007

Pro Driver Tips By Chad Bradley

12/19 - Chad Bradley's Super Big Bore Set-up

Chad played a major role in the development of the new Super Big Bore 16mm Shocks and has more time with the units than anyone else on the team. Chad was kind enough to post his set-up on the Pro Driver Tips page.

11/11 - Privateer wins again!

It seems as though you have to have a Jammin X1 Buggy or Truggy to get to the top of the Non-Sponsored ranks. Brandon Cutchins did it last year and now Jeremy Cathlina takes the R/C Pro National Title in the Intermediate Buggy Class.

Jeremy sent the Jammin Team a thank you note. We think it speaks for itself - "

I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great buggy. I purchased my Jammin Buggy at the beginning of 07, and according to my radio, I have put over 63 hrs on this buggy. Since I have owned it I have not broken one single part. I have replaced a couple of outdrives and universals due to wear, maintained the diffs and shocks with seals, and fluids but I have never been disappointed in any way. The cars setup is so universal from track to track. It is so easy to drive  fast, planted and in control for all drivers. 2007 Was my second year of racing and I was able to win the 1/8 Intermediate RC Pro National Championship against 479 competitors with my Jammin Buggy."
Jeremy Cathlina
The Nitro Pit

"Test Of Endurance"

The Nitro Pit in Arizona promoted the 2007 Ironman 120 earlier this summer. The two hour endurance race used a 2 person Pro and Amateur driver team format. The event featured two separate races, a 2 hour / 2 man pro/am buggy race and a 2 hour/2 man pro/am truggy race. Mother nature dealt out the rain for the first hour of the event but that didn't stop these racers, making it a true Ironman competition. Over 50 racers battled it out for over 2 hours each but only the toughest came out on top. Congrats to all the winning teams!!!
Ross Denny & Will Clowser finished 2nd in the Truggy Class with their X1-CRT. The Team Josh Nelson & Kelly Lugo took the win in the Buggy Class driving a Jammin X1-CR-FTE with Ross Denny & Tim Stefaniak driving another Jammin X1-CR-FTE to a 4th place finish.

11/11 - The CRT Owns 5 of 6 National Titles!!

Thanks to Taylor James, the Jammin CRT now owns five National Championships (2 ROAR & 3 R/C Pro) of the six available since this revolutionary truggy hit the market. Taylor contributed to this impressive record this past weekend by winning the the R/C Pro Expert Arena Truck title in Texas. Taylor only competed in two of the three series races so he had to win the finals to take home the R/C Pro National Championship. This win gives him back to back R/C Pro titles as he was the defending champ.

Congratulations Taylor!!!

Taylor James RC Pro National Champion
Jammin X1X Buggy
Taylor James' Jammin X1X buggy

11/1 - New Jammin X1X Buggy & X1X Truggy Debut

Jammin Products is proud to announce the release of the new upgraded X1-CR-FTE, X1-RTR, X1-CRT-RTR and X1-CRT. All four kits now include the Super Big Bore Shocks and Springs. The four new kits are labeled the X1X-CR Buggy, X1X-RTR Buggy, X1X-CRT Truggy and X1X-RTR Truggy. The four new kits will carry the same part numbers and have the same pricing. Just newer technology. All four kits are available now.

# 34959 = Jammin X1X Buggy

# 34963 = Jammin X1X Truggy

# 34961 = Jammin X1X-RTR Buggy

# 34962 = Jammin X1X-RTR Truggy

10/28 - Signs Of Things To Come

Taylor James destroys the confidence of the Worlds best R/C Racers when he out qualified them at the IFMAR Worlds Warm-UP Race by a huge margin. Many racers traveled from around the world to get a preview of the IFMAR 08 Worlds. What they got was a clinic by Taylor and his new Jammin X1X-CR Buggy. The margin between Taylor and the other racers is unheard of within the world racing scene. If you want to be on top, do your homework.... or just get the new Jammin X1X-CR Buggy.

Worlds Warm Up
Rick N Ryan
Rick and Ryan McCrery

10/14 - “Jammin wins again!!! Are you kiddin me?!”

Round Three of the RC Pro Series Northwest Division sees the McCrery Bros. back at it again bringing home yet another pair of wins for Team Jammin!!
Ryan McCrery starts off the weekend by TQing both buggy and truggy with brother Rick qualifying 3rd in both. The truggy main starts off with Ryan holding a commanding lead while Rick just a mere 8 seconds behind. Then bad luck strikes as Ryan's truggy loses rear traction and falls behind to fourth, but Team Jammin never fears as fellow teammate and brother Rick McCrery takes over the lead and wins his first ever major truggy race by almost a lap with his Jammin X1-CRT !!
In the buggy main, Ryan checks out at a blistering pace with his Jammin X1-CR-FTE lapping the entire field twice leaving the question, ”How could Jammin ever improve this buggy?” In the end Ryan McCrery takes home the Pro Series Northwest Division Championship in both buggy and truggy with his insane arsenal of products from Team Jammin!!! 

10/1 - CRT.5 RTR Finally Here

Jammin Products is proud to release the long awaited CRT.5 RTR (Ready to Rip) version of the revolutionary mini truggy racer. Motivation is provided by a powerful pull start Jammin .12 engine, mounted to a new hard coated chassis which has been extended by 15mm. The extra length has made room for full size servos in addition to more performance and stability. The CRT.5 RTR offers pro kit performance with RTR convenience. Features like a polished tuned pipe, sealed differentials and long arm suspension with tough front C-Hub design keep you ahead of the pack. While the included Up-Grade Graphics Decals, (available in Red, Blue, and Green) keep you looking good.

Part #34972

Click here for more details

Jammin CRT.5 RTR
Chad & the X2-CRT

9/2 - X2-CRT Still Undefeated

At the hands of Factory Driver Chad Bradley, The new Prototype X2-CRT took out some of the best drivers in Southern California at the annual OFNA Challenge at Revelation Raceway. Chad also took a second place with his X1X-CR Buggy in the Expert A Main. OFNA would like thank all the racers that attended to make this years event a success.

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