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Jammin Racing News Aug 2007

8/30 - Jammin Super Big Bore 16mm

Jammin Products has finished development of the new Super Big Bore 16mm shocks for the Jammin 1/8th line of Buggies and Truggies. The design allows the shock to be fit to either the buggy or truggy by just utilizing different shock ends. Many new features have been included in this design. See the below press release from Chad Bradley.

The new shocks are available now

Front pair part # 41001
Rear pair part # 41002
Buggy Spring Set (4 pcs) Soft White part # 41015
Buggy Spring Set (4 pcs) Med Silver part # 41016 Silver Springs is recommended set-up for buggy.

Truggy Springs coming soon

Super Big Bore 16mm
Super Big Bore 16mm
Ryan & Rick McCreryThe Northern Franchise

8/26 - The McCrery Bros!

Team Jammin strikes again with a one two punch at the Northwest Championship Tour Finals held in Walla Walla Washington. Jammin factory driver Ryan L McCrery TQs and wins truggy with fellow Jammin teammate and brother “Slick” Rick McCrery coming in 2nd piloting the Jammin X1-CRT proving that you cant stop Team Jammin’s winning streak on and off the track! 
In 1/8 buggy it looked like Ryan McCrery was out to steal the show with another dominating performance with his Jammin X1-CR-FTE only to lose a wing while in the lead on his way to another victory! Congrates to Team Jammin’s northern “franchise” for keeping us #1 as the most successful franchise in RC History!

8/28 - Chad and the Super Big Bores

Chad Bradley has been a key player in the R&D of the new Jammin 16mm Big Bore Shocks to be released soon. Here are some of his comments...

Little info on the new Super Bore Jammin/Hong Nor shocks... The truck Nats. was the first time the team used full production shocks, previous to that they were prototypes. Let me tell you that the quality put into these shocks is unbelievable, there's a bunch of little things that make them even more impressive. With the production shocks the team had no failures of any kind at the Truck Nats (no leaking from cap or o-rings, no breakage, no deformity in the bladders after continuous running, no oil brake down due to high quality shock coating, no premature wear in the upper and lower mountings, no rubbing of the springs to the shock bodies). The new shocks are by far the best shocks I've ever built and driven with. features... 1. Reinforce high quality ribbed bladders 2. Precision fit piston 3. Ultra low friction o-ring, shock body, and shaft 4. Threaded captured o-ring assembly (no c-clips) 5. Perfect fit of the o-ring assembly for ultra free movement of the shaft with no leaking 6. Captured lower spring retainer to shock end (so when adjusting the preload nut the shock boot doesn't twist) 7. 16mm bore shock body with T.I.H.A. coating (Teflon Impregnated Hard Anodizing) 8. Light weight 9. High strength shock boot 10. Multiple length shock ends with precision fit ball 11. Multiple front and rear spring tensions will be offered to the buggy and truck 12. Threaded shock bodies to adjust spring preload. No shock clips!!! Handling Characteristics... 1. More consistent handling over long runs 2. Higher speeds over bumps and ruts 3. More corner speed 4. More consistent jumping over jumps as well as jumps that are rutted up 5. Less likely to traction roll due to high traction, and rutted conditions Chad

Super Big Bores
Chad Bradleys X1-CR-FTE equipped with the new Super Big Bore 16mm shocks
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