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Jammin Racing News Jan, Feb, Mar, 2009

3/21 - Chad Bradley joins an Exclusive Club

Chad Bradley is the top guy in the Track Record Club. With 109 entries Saturday night at Hot Rod Hobbies, Chad and his Jammin Pro Built X2 Buggy set a new track record by 15 seconds (17lap 5min 01sec) over Jeremy Kortz's previous time of 17 lap 5min 16sec in qualifying. Chad and Jeremy had a fierce battle in the main event, swapping leads many times, Chad ended up with the win and Jeremy only 5 seconds behind in 2nd place.

Chad Bradley
Brady Janson

3/25 - Another National Championship

Team Jammin drive Brady Janson piled on another National Title for the Jammin X2 Truggy with his win at the Canadian Winternationals held on March 1st in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. ". “Both my Jammin X2 Buggy and Jammin X2 Truggy ran phenomenally and handled amazing all weekend, holding up under the severe cold weather. I'd like to thank the Clutch Nuts for putting on an awesome event. Also, a big thanks to the rest of my sponsors – Jammin', Dekelz.com, Hooked on Hobbies, and my Dad, Mark – which contributed to my success on the track. " Says Brady about his big win.

3/19 - New Jammin X2 Buggy Shock Towers

The new Billet 7075 Machined Shock Towers for the Jammin X2 Buggy are the lightest weight Aluminum Tower to date from the factory. These new pieces use the same geometry as the original equipment carbon fiber pieces supplied in the kit. Super strong and light weight. Hard coated.

Billet X2 Buggy Front Tower - part # 41112

Billet X2 Buggy Rear Tower - part # 41113

Jammin X2 Buggy Shock Tower
Jammin X2 Buggy Rear Shock Tower

Matt Gosch

2/21 - Gosch and his first BIG Win!!

Factory Jammin' drivers Matt Gosch and Aaron Pucci along with their mechanic Chris Gosch braved the frigid weather in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the Motorama. The event was a huge hit, with over 450 entries and 20,000 spectators witnessing R/C racing and other motorsport events. Matt and Aaron both put their X2 truggys in the main event. Matt also put his X2 buggy in the main. After 30 minutes of racing and a 14th place start, Matt Gosch made an exciting last lap pass on Mark Pavidis to take the win in the Truggy class. "This was my first major win ever, and to do it with the X2 Truggy that I built myself, it feels amazing. My stuff was so good all weekend. I remember passing 7 trucks in one lap during the main, my truck was just that good." says Matt.

Matt Gosch has recorded his set-ups for both his X2 Truggy and X2 Buggy. Click here to view.

2/22 - Team Jammin wins big in the Arizona Desert

The 10th annual Dirt Nitro Challenge at the Nitro Pit in, Arizona is one of the biggest events of the year. Drawing over 490 entries, Team Jammin was out in force with the new X2 Buggy, X2 Truggy, and the new X2 Electric Buggy Tekno / Jammin conversion. The Nitro Pit is one of the premier tracks in the world with the help of Joey Christiansen from the Dirt building the track and promoting the event. This event was attended by racers from around the world and the competition was fierce.

This event also marked the grand opening of the newest addition to the Nitro Pit, One Hobbies full line pro hobby shop located a few miles from the track in Surprise, Arizona.

Team Jammin racer and co-owner of the Nitro Pit, Ross Denny, brought his helicopter and pilot to the event to give rides to a lucky few such as "Skinny" from Extreme R/C magazine shown here stuffed into the co-pilots seat.

The Nitro Pit awarded Joey with the Chrome Shovel Award for his 10 years of hard work and dedication to the event.


The Nitro Challenge
The Nitro Challenge
The Nitro Challenge
The Nitro Challenge
The Nitro Challenge

The Nitro Challenge
The Nitro Challenge
The Nitro Challenge
The Nitro Challenge
The Nitro Challenge
Steve Hale & Jammin Jay

2/22 - Jammin Team Kicks Butt in the desert

Jesse Rodriquez powered from the B Main into the A Main and pulls off a third place finish in the Over 40 Truggy class. Jesse is an experienced racer in full size off-road racing and plays with R/C for fun. The owner of Hustler Concepts fabricates full scale state of the art desert and short course buggies and trucks while spending his spare time tuning his X2 Truggy. Jesse sends his thanks to Todd Jonas for lending him his engine so he could go on into the A Main and compete. Jesse and Todd were total strangers prior to Jesse's motor wearing out in the B main. This type of camaraderie is seen throughout the Jammin Pits.



Trevor Mullins and his father Brad made the trek from Missouri to compete in this famous event for the first time. They had a great time at the event and added to the generous nature of the Jammin Crew. "These are the type of guys we like to promote to the top, since they really appreciate and love the hobby. They helped a lot of fellow racers during the event, most of which they had never met before." Says team owner Jammin Jay. "Fellow Team Jammin members and owners of the Nitro Pit, Ross Denny, Todd and Luke Jonas, Kevin and Tanner Stees, no only run well on the track but we are proud that they offer so much help to other racers and dedicate all the time they do."



Jammin Products would like to recognize Taylor James for his acomplishments of being one of the best R/C racers in the world all the while being a full time college student. He put both his X2 Buggy and X2 Truggy into the A Mains and brought home a fourth in the truggy class. It is rare in the R/C community to see this kind of dedication and it is something to be praised for.












The most prepared racer at the event has to be Chad Bradley. Racing three classes and making the main in two of the three he took TQ honors and the win in the newest class, Electric Buggy driving the new Tekno / Jammin Electric X2 Buggy. In Gas Pro Buggy, Chad and his PRO BUILT X2 Buggy raced into the A main by winning the B main finishing just in front of teamate Taylor James.



Steve Hale had a dominating weekend in the over 40 Buggy class and just missed the sweep with a near win in the over 40 Truggy class. Steve barely (by 2 laps) beat all the "Old Guys" with his Jammin X2 Buggy including Jammin Jay who finished second. Steve was the "Top Qualifier" in this class as well.


2/22 - Jammin Products newest prototype takes win in debut

With the electric 1/8th buggy class becoming more and more popular, Jammin Products has teamed with Teckno to develope an all out racer. With Chad Bradley behind the wheel, the Teckno / Jammin X2 Electric Buggy shocked the world with a TQ and win in it's first outing.

With the unique approach the two companies have taken to the design of this buggy, we are sure it will revolutionize this class. Jammin Products is known for revolutionizing the truggy class when it introduced the CRT. This new design increases durability and efficiency never seen in this class before. We are positive this will be the standard other manufactures will have to reach just to be competitive.

Chad Bradley
The Nitro Challenge

2/22 - Jammin teams with Outerwears

Jammin Products would like to welcome the Outerwears company to the 2009 Team Jammin family. First used during the win by Taylor James at the Pre-World Championships last summer it was apperant at that time that this product makes a huge difference in engine longivity and performance due to the unique design of the Outerwear Prefilter. This design prevents the engine from changing tune during these long gruleing events. Look for this product on all the Team Jammin race cars at upcoming events


2/20 - Praise to the team

Jammin Products get letters about our drivers and the job they do at the races. It's not just about winning.

Hello Jay, my name is Frank Cascio and I am part of a group that  
helps run a temporary indoor facility in Danville, Indiana.  Last  
weekend 2/7 we hosted a cash race called the Buggy Bailout, which  
Matt and Aaron both entered (and did quite well).  I would just like  
to say that you have two team members to be very proud of and that  
really shed a positive light on both your product and RC.  Running  
races in the Midwest I have run against them before and called races  
they have been in and both Matt and Aaron have an outstanding  
attitude both on and off the driver's stand.  My job requires a  
pretty extensive amount of travel, where on occasion I get to sneak  
an RC along with me and get to go play at various tracks around the  
country and I have run into several of the "pro" drivers at those  
tracks.  I can tell you from first hand experience, there are very  
few driver's that will go out of their way like Matt or Aaron,  
whether it's to help someone out or just be social.  Aaron had gone  
as far to let one of the local youngsters drive his CRT X2.  Thanks  
Jay, I just wanted to pass along a positive note!

2/7 - Midwest thaws as Matt Gosch heats up.

Already a month into the season, the Midwest really kicked off the race season this past weekend at the HCRC Buggy Bailout. Team Jammin' drivers Matt Gosch and Aaron Pucci were in attendance at the track in Danville, Indiana hosted by the Hendricks County Radio Control. The track was in prime racing condition with a moist base that was so tacky it caked on the tires. Matt dominated both classes driving his new Jammin X2 Buggy and Jammin X2 Truggy. He was fastest in all three rounds of qualifying in both Buggy and Truggy taking the TQ. He swept the Truggy main by a full two laps and pulled off a second place in buggy. "My Jammin X2 Buggy and X2 Truggy were awesome and it felt good to finally get back to racing after such a long winter. I can't wait to get back to the track to practice and race with my Jammin' equipment." said Matt Gosch.

Matt Gosch

Jammin X2


Jammin Tuned Pipe with the Purchase of a Jammin X2 Buggy, X2 Truggy, or X2 RTR Truggy

The Jammin stimulus package is here. Get the Best Selling Pipe in the industry for free when you purchase a Jammin X2 Buggy or X2 Truggy within the month of February. Your pick from the famous Jammin JP-1, JP-2, or JP-3 Tuned Exhaust Pipe - Hardcoated Versions. A $89.95 value.

Click here for form

1/16 - How the Pro's Cheat

Chad Bradley plans to get a head start to the 09 racing season by trying to race at least two times a week. Tuesday night club racing at Hot Rod Hobbies in Santa Clarita, CA. has been a popular mid week hang out to many fast drivers, such as HoBoa's Jeremy Kortz, Losi's Jimmy Babcock, and many others. Hot Rod's race track is small but the competition is fierce. Chad likes racing here because it helps with passing, it's critical that you don't make mistakes, and it's good practice racing against other top drivers. Hot Rod's has been drawing large entries the last couple months, usually 10+ heats on a Tuesday night! Last Tuesday night, Chad Bradley TQ'ed both rounds of truggy and buggy with his Pro-Built Jammin X2's and capped the night off with a win in each class by a large margin over the competition. Chad is feeling good going into the 09 race season with his Jammin X2 Truggy and X2 Buggy. He feels it all starts with putting the time in at the track before the large events come around.

Hot Rod Hobbies


Happy New Year!!

Jammin Products 2009 - Happy New Year !!

Jammin Products would like to thank our loyal customers for making 2008 a success. We also thank our dedicated crew at Team Jammin. Not only our talented drivers, but all the behind the scenes people and co-sponsors that help put Jammin Products out front.

Jammin products is moving into 2009 with more momentum than ever. With the release of the X2 line, Jammin Products is looking for a strong market and track presence with new promotions and a stronger Team Jammin. Within the last three months, Jammin Products has released several new car kits, along with many new option and accessory parts and a new venture with Chad Bradley and the X2 Pro Built line. Jammin Products will continue with its performance based cost effective products. Our speed of R&D and bringing the product to the market is unparalleled within the industry. An accomplishment we are proud of.

Our latest release, the X2 Buggy, is something very unique in the industry. It is currently the only kit on the market that is exact spec of our race team. This value has never been seen before. For those of you that have an X1X buggy, the X2 Buggy Conversion Kit will get you close, but for the most serious racer, the X2 Buggy kit is the best bang for your buck. Even better than that, have Chad Bradley build it for you.

We are not stopping there. You will see many new Jammin products in different segments of the market within the next three months, more accessories, and a new bigger look and direction for Team Jammin. Stay tuned!!

Again, Thank you and Happy New Year!!

X2 Pro Built by Chad Bradley

Chad Bradley Pro Built

1/6 - X2 Pro Built by Chad Bradley

Chad Bradley has a new job!!! Building your X2 Buggy or X2 Truggy. Chad is offering you his expertise and knowledge. Over the past several years, Chad has developed his "Notebook" with all his set-ups, building tricks, and track notes for every event he has attended. You may have seen him at the races scribbling some of his tricks down on paper. Now you can have a piece of that hard work with your very own X2 Pro Built by Chad Bradley.

Chad is building a limited quantity of X2 Buggies and X2 Truggies to his race winning specifications with all the tricks right down to the smallest details. Every kit will be serial numbered and include a set-up sheet signed by Chad. The kit will come in Race Roller form ready for your engine and radio gear. The X2 Buggy extras will include the Billet Upper "B" Block, Mounted and balanced tires. The X2 Truggy extras will include the Billet Upper "B" Block, Lunsford Ti Rods, Mounted and Balanced tires.

X2 Pro Built by Chad Bradley Truggy $765.00

X2 Pro Built by Chad Bradley Buggy $835.00

Available in limited quantity at RC Deal.com

1/1 - X2 Truggy RTR is rollin !

On the streets and at a hobby shop near you now is the all new Jammin X2 Truggy "Ready to Rip".

Jammin X2 Truggy RTR
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