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Jammin Racing News July, Aug, Sep, 2008

"Bradley and McCrery take over the Mapston"

The Mapston memorial started years ago to pay homage to one of our RC brethren Dave Mapston who in the line of duty was tragically killed while manning his post at "Spokane Indoor Raceway" already an RC legend in the region Dave was known as a mentor to kids and some of today's up and coming RC stars. every year hundreds of hardcore drivers from around the region get together to race and celebrate Dave's love for this hobby. All the proceeds from the race were given to the Wishing Star Foundation to help give kids an opportunity to live their dream. The competition this year was unbelievable as the event started to take place through practice into qualifying. Jammin driver Chad Bradley TQed the first round of Buggy and Truggy with teammate Ryan McCrery a close 2nd , while Jammin drivers Rick McCrery and Anthony Howarth putting it in the top 10. Things were going great for the Jammin Team scoring a TQ in Truggy with Chad Bradley at the helm and the rest of the team in the top 10. In buggy we saw a three way battle with Chad Bradley , Ryan McCrery fighting for the top spot! In the end Chad and Ryan went second and fourth on the grid for the start of the main.
Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!
With confidence high in the Jammin pits from an awesome qualifying day on Saturday, The Jammin boys were pumped to start with all four X1CR Buggies and four X2 Truggys in the main showing how dominant they can be by working together as a team! At the start of Truggy it looked like it was going to be a Jammin 1-2 with Ryan McCrery leading the way and Chad Bradley close behind when disaster strikes as Chad encounters radio interference putting him out of the race, leaving teammate Ryan to battle it out in the lead alone. For 45 minutes, Ryan fought fiercely to bring home the gold for the Jammin team but ran out of time in the end to settle for 2nd only seconds away from a victory. Now for the main event! starting second and fourth on the grid saw Chad and Ryan taking over the lead early with Ryan out front and Chad closing in fast behind him. By the second pit stop the lead had changed a few times back and forth with the boys fighting it out to the end - Jammin style! Chad Bradley finally took the lead with Ryan McCrery second with both of them on cruise control a lap ahead of the field. But wait! Here comes Jammin driver "Slick" Rick McCrery! Battling his way through the field taking over the third spot trying to give Jammin 1-2-3 on the podium. With one pit stop to go Rick runs out of fuel leaving his teammates alone to fight to the finish with the rest of the field. In typical Jammin fashion Chad Bradley and Ryan McCrery hold on to finish 1-2 with their Jammin X1-CR Buggies, showing again the insane power and durability of Jammin Products! Team Jammin would like to thank everyone that helped make this years Mapston a great success and are proud to be a part of giving back to the community!

Jammin X1-CR Worlds

The Maptson
The Nitro Pit Summer Series

9/27 - Jammin at the Pit

Jammin driver Luke Jonas wins the expert truggy class with the new Jammin X-2 truggy! He also finished with a TQ and a win in the final round to take the overall title over fellow Jammin driver Ross Denny. Luke swept the series with wins at every event.

9/18 - The Little Guy takes Concourse at the WORLDS!

Tanner Stees shows off his winning Jammin Buggy in front of the Big Screen at the IFMAR Worlds. The patriotic theme body was painted with the Proclamation of Independence of the United States scroll as well as the American Flag. The judges found it very appropriate for the event and awarded Tanner first place.

Darrin at Brujeria Custom Graffixx painted it.

Tanner Stees
Jammin @ Stewart Haas Racing

9/17 - Jammin and NASCAR.

Did you know Jammin Products has ties to NASCAR? Many of the founders of the HAAS CNC (now Stewart-Haas) NASCAR team are long time friends of the Jammin Products owner, Jay Halsey. In fact Jay's dad, Jim Halsey, is a member of the Haas Team. As a special treat to the Jammin Team that attended the IFMAR Worlds, Jay and Jim arranged for a dinner and tour at the new HAAS Racing facility in N. Carolina with members of both the NASCAR and R/C community speaking. It was especially interesting to the European and Asian Jammin Team members to see behind the scenes of a NASCAR team.

8/1 - R/C Industry and Championship Off-Road Racing cross over.

Many R/C Industry companies are getting involved in the full size off-road racing scene known as CORR. Some of the latest to get in on the cross over promoting is PerformanceRCHobby.com and the Nitro Pit.

See some of the exciting race video as shot from the Jammin Pro Buggy. Click Here.

Jamin Pro Buggy
Taylor James
Jammin X1X Worlds Car

7/20 - Taylor James and the New X1X "Worlds Buggy" win the IFMAR Pre-Worlds.

Jammin Products rolled into Charlotte, North Carolina with a few tricks bolted onto Taylor James and Chad Bradley's X1X Jammin Buggies for the IFMAR Pre-Worlds Race. Taylor James proved that the Jammin Buggy is now the top contender for the IFMAR World Championships to be held later this year by posting Top Qualifier and taking the win in the one hour long Final Main. "With a new chassis layout, the X1X Buggy is faster through the corners and accelerates off the corner quicker. Overall stability is much better." says Jay Halsey. He also revealed that Jammin Products is planning a Conversion Kit for the X1X and also a complete kit, both coming within the next three months.

Go with Jammin Products and up your game to be a World Contender!!

More info and specifications coming soon.

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